Exercise Program Development

Many of our patients join various types of exercise classes which may not take into account their particular needs and dysfunctions. As part of treatment we will help you design slight modifications to your exercise routine in order to give you the fastest route back into your favorite exercise regimen.

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resistance bands

Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands give us a unique and affordable way to help our patients restore balance to any part of their body in order to make them more effective at their sport, reduce pain with certain activities, improve posture or help them recover from an injury. Resistance bands come in a variety of resistance levels and shapes which can be perfectly tailored to a patient's needs. They are also quite portable which encourages patients to regularly carry out their resistance band exercises even at work, in front of their TV or anywhere they like. Regular application of resistance band exercises greatly increases their effectiveness and the speed at which results can be achieved.

    As part of our treatments, we work with our patients to developed a staged exercise routine which through a variety of steps will create confidence and strength in any problematic area so that we can eventually get you back to your favorite sport or exercise routine.

Kinesio Taping

    Kinesio taping is a type of strapping with a flexible tape that also has advanced glue patterns on the underside. It offers us a variety of options for creating a dynamic 'guide' for your joints and muscles which can either work to retrain your muscle patterning in an area or help provide support to an injured or weak area. An in-depth knowledge of the muscle fiber directions and forces through an area is necessary for the effective application of k-tape. Depending on the shape, direction and amount of pre-stretch we put on the tape before we apply it to a patient's skin - we can get a variety of different results.

    As part of our treatment we perform a complimentary application of tape for you if needed, although we do suggest you re-apply it yourself as well outside of treatment should it start to feel loose or come off entirely.

kinesio taping
muscle balance

Muscle Balance Re-trainig

    We are relatively symmetrically built and it is important for various parts of your body to work in symmetrical opposition or unison in order to give you the most effective power output or to prevent serious injury. For example if we have a patient who would like to get into yoga but every time they try to do an extension movement their neck hurts and they end up with a headache. We can design them a regimen which involves simple at home exercises, stretches, taping, foam rolling etc. with which they feel comfortable doing and with the aim of gradually increasing the flexibility through their mid back as wel as improving their breathing patterns in order to put less load on their neck.

    Another example might be a patient who is looking to get back into weight-lifting after an extended period away from the gym due to a disc prolapse. For them we would need to design a routine which would avoid placing undue loading on the injured segment while it finishes healing. With resistance bands, at home body weight workouts and regular stretching we can give them the power to fix this issue. Once we see progress, we can gradually ease them back into a routine of light weights at the gym and give them a plan for future training. This is all a part of our osteopathic treatment.

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