A Typical Visit

At all times you are in charge of what happens during your treatment.

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a typical visit

A Typical Visit

A typical visit to our clinic will usually begin with a detailed case history concerning your current condition. We will consider your current complaint and what may have led up to it. Also we will need to know your medical history which will inform what may have predisposed you to your current problematic state. To a skilled practitioner a well taken case history will guide the next part of the process which is examining the affected areas.

The examination process will inform us exactly of what is going on and where. Keep in mind that we may need to look at seemingly unrelated areas in order to give you the quickest and most effective result. For example if your lower back hurts we may need to look at your feet. Or if your left shoulder hurts we may need to look at how your stomach moves.

The treatment process looks at which key areas we need to try and correct in order to allow your entire body to 'reboot'. Sometimes an extensive treatment is needed, other times it is sufficient to just address one small area. Generally we are able to either greatly ease or resolve most conditions in 2-3 treatments spaced about a week apart. Other more acute conditions may need treatment with less time between them. If we are not reaching the expected results with treatment - we will discuss further investigations which may be needed.

During this entire process you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have. While we don't wish to overburden you with information, it is important for you to understand what is going on in your body and what you can also do about it. Also during the entire process you are in control of what you do or don't want to have done to you. We will simply make suggestions and advise you on what we think will give you the best results, but the final decision is always up to you.

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